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Rubbish Wars

A battle between two neighbours who are trying to keep their yards clean by throwing their rubbish to each other.

Mike and Andre are two neighbours who have been enemies for a long time. And they always resolve their differences with a simple bet: To throw their rubbish to each other until one of their yards is too full of it to even walk. Whoever loses this match, will have to clean it all and take care of the winner's trash.


Player 1: Left: (A), Right: (D).

Player 2: Left: (<), Right: (>).

If a player touches de bag, it bounce back.


  • Rubbish: go you slow.

A especial thanks to our jam sponsors. In the game you can use differents items:

  • Muchitos: Slides to one side.
  • Clipper: Speed you up.
  • Los Nueces Teror: Freeze you in the spot.
  • Bandama: Generate another bag.
  • Tirma: Make you bigger.


  • Pablo Cabrera Peñate (3D modeler).
  • Alejandro Almeida Morera (Ilustrator).
  • Nelson Omar Martín Jiménez (Ilustrator).
  • Juan Francisco Foncubierta Jiménez (Programmer).
  • Luis Ángel Pérez González (Programmer).
  • Andrés Ravelo Caballero (Composer).


gameZip.zip 18 MB

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